Music for youngsters nowdays

nowadays, mostly between young (not Signorino) human beings, the beauty of music is getting lost, and is leaving its place to new genres like trap, reggaeton, k-pop, ect. 

As honorable mentions we must surely name the main trap artist “Young Signorino”. In his songs he talks about themes which are better not to be spoken combined with weird nonsense noises, but the reason why people might like him, as most of trappers, is the easy way of his songs to get stuck in your mind. I’m not saying that people who listen to this genres don’t have a beautiful taste when it comes to music, but we all must focus more on the actual meaning of the song without caring of the difficulty of what are we listening to. For example, I enjoy Tha Supreme’s beats, but don’t like or relate to the lyrics, and I guess people like this genre because of how easy is the meaning beneath all the songs (don’t say that you like “mh ha ha ha” because of its deep meaning or because of the instrumental, I won’t believe you). 

I actually prefer 80s music: it’s relatable, not easy to understand, no autotune and both instrumental  and lyrics are good. 

Topics are very different: on a side we have music talking about women, money and smoking, on the other side we have songs talking about deep questions of life, losing someone of special and the true love, not only romantic one, but even platonic or familiar. 

Rock and jazz are good genres of that period, two of my favorites, not gonna lie, but if there is something that I have to complain about is surely those people who say that only two songs of that unknown band is good music, and without listening to other stuff they automatically say that everything’s awful. 

Surely, the things that we mustn’t do when it comes to listening, is not to base ourselves on the stereotypes: we mustn’t think that metal is satanic, trap is directly terrible because some fellow told us, jazz is moany, rock is loud and so is punk or classical music is boring. Every time you base yourself on these stereotypes, you’re receiving the opposite. Usually teenagers listen to hit parades, trap or reggaeton because they find them cheerful and easy, but they don’t focus much on listening to deeper meanings, in both music or speeches. It’s not necessary to listen just to a few genres or songs, but it’s good when you change for a while your type of music taste and “explore” someone else’s, because doing this way you’ll improve your listening skill. And now you’ll surely be asking me: “Yeah you said all of this things about music taste and stuff, but how do we do that?” Easy, isn’t it? You can simply ask some friends, or a relative, since world is different so are the answers you’ll get; another way is surely my favorite software (no, not Tik Tok or Snapchat, don’t worry): Spotify. Basically when you get into the software you pick some artists you like and see what can you listen to that you might like, or even listen to someone else’s playlist, so that you can see what is other one’s taste like. So, does it seem difficult? I actually think not. Well now go listen to some music, the more you do it, the more your mind is getting open!

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