Music changes in Sanremo

The Sanremo Festival, or Festival of Italian Song, is a music festival, which was born in 1952. It is held every year in Italy and has millions of views even abroad, this is because it is also broadcast live on Eurovision and on the radio. This year the festival was again hosted by Amadeus for the third consecutive year. During the evenings he was accompanied by five co-hosts: Ornella Muti in the first evening, Lorena Cesarini in the second evening, Drusilla Foer in the third evening, Maria Chiara Giannetta in the fourth evening, and Sabrina Ferilli in the final evening.

The 25 singers performed over the evenings with the usual accompaniment of a prestigious orchestra conducted by highly qualified masters. An important feature that can be seen in the last years of the festival is the presence of singers of all ages, from the most famous and elderly to the most emerging and young. In fact, 22 singers were famous artists, while the others were the top three in “Sanremo Giovani 2021”, the competition showing the new proposals section of the Sanremo Festival, which allowed the top 3 singers in the ranking to access Sanremo 2022.

In recent editions, young people seem to dominate the stage and take the highest number of votes. For example, the winners of the 21st edition of the festival were the Maneskin, a young rock group who played his song “Zitti e buoni”, a song as loved as it was criticized, especially by the older audience.

This year there is another significant example given by the two very young winners of this edition of Sanremo 2022, Blanco and Mahmood, who in every vote were always among the top positions with their winning song “Brividi”, which talks about the fear described by two young boys of making mistakes and feeling inadequate in a love relationship. This song seems to have entered immediately the hearts of the listeners.

Times change and so does the music at the festival. Viewers, especially the older ones who have been following the festival more concretely for years, say that it is no longer the festival it once was, but evolution leads to change, and often the average viewer despises new genres and types of music.

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