Music has accompanied man since ancient times and, nowadays, it has became one of the main forms of expression. We have various instruments to play, but our instrument is the body we use to sing. Alone or in company, it is always a pleasure to sing. A study says that singing makes you feel good about yourself, the lungs breathe better, cholesterol is reduced and muscles tend to have less tension. Singing makes us concentrate on the breath, especially with diaphragmatic breathing .When you take the microphone to sing, you step into a world of your own, it gives you the feeling of flying, you get lost in the words and you become one with the melody of the music. “Everything that is too stupid to be said is sung”, said Voltaire,  because sometimes even nonsense songs make you have fun, and get you involved in the melody. In short, singing is a kind of outlet, in fact when you sing in the shower you relax and free yourself from all the negative emotions inside you.  A person, who sings in front of the audience, does it for fun but has a lot of insecurity, low self-esteem and is afraid of the judgment of the whole audience, and that person there wants to convey and communicate something to the audience through gestures that accompany the song that is sung. These are my opinions about singing. I don’t know if for most people it is like this but I think that some perceive these sensations as me, from the inside of their hearts. 

At the beginning in Italy there were only lullabies about baby Jesus then the musicians also began to write Christmas carols including: “Tu scendi dalle stelle”, “Adeste fideles”, “Santo Natale”, “White Christmas”, “Last Christmas”, “Jingle bells”, “All I want for Christmas is you”, “Shake up Christmas”. And among these songs the first song to mention Santa Claus (also called San Nicola) was “Up on the housetop” by Benjamin Hanby; “Jingle bells” was the first song sung and played in space and finally the song “Let it snow” has been associated by many of us with Christmas even if it is not mentioned in the song.

Instead Sicilian music represents many historical events and this tends to descend from the acute to the grave among which we find various songs such as: “Ciuri ciuri”, “Vitti na crozza”, in “Cammaratisa”, “Si maritau Rosa”, the Sicilian tarantella, “Cocciu d’amuri” and many others. The Sicilian tarantella is a song best known for its cheerful and funny melody. Equally famous are “Ciuri ciuri” by Francesco Paolo Frontini and “Vitti na crozza” by Domenico Modugno. Almost all Sicilian songs are cheerful and are all based on realistic events and they stimulate you to make you dance. We Sicilians know them all and we are very proud of them.

There are Sicilian bands like Shakalab, Tinturia, Camurria and a very famous rapper Uattorio. The best known is the group of “Cammurria ” that was born in September 2011 in the south of Sicily in the province of Agrigento.  “Cammurria” means annoyance, insistence. The band was made up of eight elements: Paolo Festalunga the singer, Alfonso Di Betta on the trombone, Stefano Fiore on the trumpet, Gerlando Trupia on guitars, Francesco Salamone on keyboard, Calogero Gelo on bass, Giuseppe Ingravidi on drums and Alfonso Maniglia on percussion and sequencer. Among the most famous storytellers we find: Ciccio Busacca, Ignazio Buttitta, Rosa Balistreri, Gaetano Grasso, Vito Santangelo, Franco  Trincale, Luciano Palmeri, Antonio Tarantino, Nonò Salamone. The minstrels and storytellers up to the contemporaries Ignazio Buttitta, Ciccio Busacca and Nonò Salamone, sang the world around them, even with its pain and injustices.

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