Do you know the meaning of the word “Multiculturalism”? What is important for immigrants to preserve?

The word “multiculturalism” refers to the important opinion that different cultures can coexist peacefully in a single country and all citizens can keep their own identities. The positive meaning of this word is that it encourages racial and ethnic harmony and integration, and it discourages ghettoization, hate, discrimination and violence, which can occurs when different people coexist. The United States of America where  mass immigration has been a feature of the economy and society since the first half of the 19th century, is considered the melting pot of the world, where different cultures are mixed together, but they maintain each own identity. It’s like a huge bowl where each ingredient maintians its own taste and aspect. On the contrary, in the United Kingdom, multiculturalism has been accepted, but it has not reached without tension or criticism. It’s  a political problem, because the Labour Party  wants to defend the rights of minorities to preserve their culture and traditions, and they see the immigrants’ integration as a menace to tradition . That’s why they have always been in favour of  the U.K departure from the European Union.

I disagree with this idea, that I consider absolutely negative and racist. Multiculturalism is always positive , because it is a right way to give different races and culture the possibility to live peacefully together  and enrich society. Immigrants are not different and should not be discriminated. Society is the result of different people and everybody bring a important cultural heritage. It’s our duty to preserve multiculturalism . Multiculturalism can and must represent an element of opportunity.

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Cantarella Salvatore


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