New eruptions of Etna in the night between 20th and 21st May, the second within 48 hours.  The tremors suddenly increased after midnight. Etna eruptions return to be seen again after a period of quiet that  has lasted just over a month and a half without paroxysms.

HOW WAS ETNA BORN?                              

Its formation process seems to have begun over 500,000 years ago with very violent submarine eruptions that over time transformed the land.  Etna is an active volcano and the neighboring soil is subjected to constant changes. It is called Mungibeddu o ‘a Muntagna, to indicate its recognition as The Mountain par excellence.  Etna is located 30 km from the city of Catania, on the eastern side of Sicily. Apart from the Alps, it is the highest Italian peak, despite its size constantly varying over time as it is a volcano. At present, its height is 3340 m. Mount Etna is the most active volcano in Europe. The urbanized area reaches 1,000 meters, while the cultivated and wooded areas reach up to 1,500 meters .  Etna has a great geological and landscape variety (dense woods with endemic species, desert areas covered with volcanic rocks which, during the winter, are covered with snow): this is why a large part of its territory has been included in the Park Natural Etna.

In June 2013, Mount Etna was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The eruptions have changed the landscape over the years, threatening the populations who inhabited its base. Every year, many tourists and onlookers decide to take an excursion to Mount Etna.

The breathtaking views are the real distinctive elements of this mountain ; during eruptions at night  the sky is tinged with red, yellow and orange: we can see  natural fireworks!

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Lorenzo Frazzetto-Istituto comprensivo “O.G.De Cruyllas” Ramacca. Docente : Marilena Tamburino




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