Monkeypox, is it really alarming? 

News is circulating these days about this “new” smallpox caused by some species of monkeys. Some people are alarmed by this news, but maybe it is not that big of a deal. By reading some articles on the internet, for example “Vaiolo delle scimmie, il primo caso in Toscana: 32enne ricoverato ad Arezzo” ,by the heading of “RaiNews” ,we can put some basis for the understanding of this pox. As the article says, a 32- year-old has been hospitalized after coming back from a trip to the Canary Islands, because he immediately developed the symptoms of the disease (skin lesions). To hear this we might be alarmed, but then we understand that this virus is less dangerous than the old smallpox, with less strong symptoms and a shorter healing time.

But what symptoms are caused by this “new” virus? As said earlier, this virus is less dangerous than covid or than the previous smallpox, but people who contract it should still be put under isolation, to prevent its spreading.Anyway the symptoms are: fever, headache, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes and lesions of the skin.


So, in my opinion, at the moment we should not be alarmed by the spreading of this virus, I’d like to remind that the smallpox has been fought for years, but has been extinct for thirty years , thanks to a vaccination campaign.So, I should say that we are already “prepared”, but I would not bet on it. 

Another important factor is the situation we are currently in: Covid hasn’t finished yet, even if restrictions are less severe, and another relapse of the virus could be just around the corner, so, always stay safe.

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Federico Arancio




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