Monica Vitti (Maria Luisa Ceciarelli) was one of the most loved italian actresses, who managed to make her own way into ittalian coinema thanks to her intelligence and a great sense of humor. She was born in Rome on the  3rd November 1931.A few month after her birth , her father  Angelo insepector of foreign trade was transferred to Messina where he settled with the whole family. They lived in Messina for eight years. Maria Luisa spent her entire childhoood in Messina and remained very attached to it .

During those years Messina suffered the effects of the second world war and and she used to hid in the basement together with her brothers whenever there were bombings. But despite the fear and the continuous risks she tried , as every child to have fun.

She created small plays by building theatres and puppets.

Maria Luisa attended two well known schools which still exist: the S. Anna institute and Santa Brigida institute.

She once told in an interview that because of the cold during that time her mother used to put seven skirts on her and it was from this fact that the nickname was born. Later this nickname became  the title of her first autobiographical book.

Monica has never forgotten Messina , this much underrated city of unique beauty.

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