Monaco Grand Prix

The Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix takes place on the Monte Carlo street circuit in the Principality of Monaco. The first edition was held on April 14, 1929 under the impulse of Antony Noghès, founder of the Automobile Club de Monaco. The number one edition valid for the World Championship is dated May 21, 1950, the second stage after Silverstone.
Usually, the race takes place in the presence of the members of the Grimaldi family. The driver’s record of victories belongs to Ayrton Senna, with 6 wins (5 consecutive) while the most successful manufacturer is McLaren, with 15 wins.
The Grand Prix typically benefits from three ad hoc exceptions to the Formula 1 regulations: the distance to be covered is 260 kilometers, the event starts with free practice on Thursdays rather than Fridays and the awards ceremony does not take place according to the protocol of the category. , but according to one run by the Automobile Club de Monaco and the Grimaldi family. Furthermore, no sponsorship is associated with the race.
Starting from the 2022 season, the Grand Prix takes place on the traditional race weekend, as is already the case for all the other Grand Prixs. Free practice has been moved from Thursday to Friday, with the last winner of the Monaco Grand Prix in 2021 being Max Verstappen in Red Bull. While the last 10 editions have been won mostly by Red Bull and Mercedes while Ferrari in the last 10 years has won 1 time in Monte Carlo in 2017 with first Sebastian Vettel and second Kimi Raikkonen, the length of this track is 3,337 km. The pilots travel it 78 times, for a total of 260.286 km. Monte Carlo is the shortest circuit in the World Championship and the one with the lowest speeds, due to the tortuosity and the limited width of the course. The first edition of the Monegasque ho in the world championship was won by Juan Manuel Fangio with Alfa Romeo in 1950.
Ferrari has won us 10 times, Mercedes 5, McLaren 15 and Lotus 7 times. The circuit has numerous very narrow points that are faced under 100 km / h at a time.

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