The 2nd Cinema & Intercultural for Schools took place on 15-28 March,​2021. The programming was done online. Cinema is an engine and current for cultural and social changes.  These short films proposed current social issues and gave hope for an improvement in life in African countries.  Each proposes a different theme.  The trafficking of children in Ghana to exploit them in the fishing industry (DA YE), the denunciation of marginalization and the prejudice of families living with disabilities (THIS IS MY NIGHT), the denunciation of the ruin of the land for economic gain (MACHINI  ), fairy tales used to arouse emotions (A FOOL GOOD).

The shorts are set in Africa.


  Ghana, Belgium – 2019

 by Antoni Nti

  Prince is shy and thoughtful but is easily carried away by the lively and impulsive Matilda.  The two children are involved in an adventure that could destroy their lives forever.  A heartfelt cry against the hundreds of kidnappings of children that take place every year in numerous African states, with an end open to hope.


 Egypt – 2019

 by Youssef Noaman

  Azza decides to spend a day out with her son Amr, who suffers from Down syndrome, to capture happy moments for both of them.  They go to Cairo to enjoy a good ice cream, but find themselves facing great difficulties.


 Democratic Republic of Congo / Belgium – 2019

 by Frank Mukunday, Tétshim

 In a small town at the foot of a mining industry, the daily life of the inhabitants is turned upside down by a foretold environmental disaster. An animated short film that masterfully uses the stop-motion technique to denounce pollution and the exploitation of human resources and resources.  Congo, the country that holds the world’s largest lithium and cobalt reserve.


 Ethiopia / France – 2019

 by Hiwot Admasu Getaneh

 The generational and conflictual relationship between a girl and her grandmother, the divergence between an animist tradition and a more modern conception of forgiveness, the different vision in dealing with and processing mourning.  A confrontation / clash to the sound of fairy tales with a conciliatory morality.

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