Last month my teacher suggests reading some interesting books, just for our pleasure and I’m happy with my choice because I enjoyed the reading of it so much!

The book ‘Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children’ is a fantasy novel able to leave the reader breathless. Written by Ransom Riggs this novel in my opinion leaves a special message that is that of fear of the different, the unusual and the incomprehensible.

It’s a novel suitable for both adults and children. It’s the story of a boy who, fascinated by the stories of his grandfather who survived as a Jew during World War II, follows clues from old photographs belonging to his grandfather, which took him to a large orphanage abandoned on a Welsh island…

As Grandpa dies, Jacob sees a horrible monster just like those described in the stories told by Grandpa. Soon, he starts having nightmares about those monsters.

Believing that their son is going crazy, Jacob’s parents take him to a psychiatrist, who suggests that he went to Wales, where the special boys’ house his grandfather spoke of to deal with the place of the trauma.

I recommend this book because it is exciting and full of twists, intriguing and enjoyable.

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Federica Petralia


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