Miracle at Christmas

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Year and country of production: 2011; Germany

Genre: Fantastic Comedy

Records: Oliver Dieckmann

Main actors: 

-Alexander Scheer, che interpreta Niklas Julebukk

-Noah Kraus, who plays Ben Schuster

-Mercedes Jadea Diaz, played by Charlotte Blumenfeld

Plot (don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything!)

Ben is a young boy who has recently moved to another city and is forced to attend another school and make new friends. His mother decides to open a pastry shop in the city to earn money.

The boy discovers, before entering the school, a caravan in which they say there are workers.

Ben is then challenged by a gang of kids to enter that creepy mansion, where it turns out to be Niklas Julebukk, an extravagant gentleman who will reveal many surprises and with which Ben and his new friend Charlotte will live numerous adventures.

This film is the film adaptation of the novel Als der Weihnactsmann von Himmel fiel (When Santa Claus fell from the sky) by the German writer Cornelia Funke.

This film rekindles the flame that each of us has within us (both young and old) in believing in Santa Claus.

The only flaw, however, are the special effects (such as the nutcrackers and the freezing of Waldemar Wichteltod), which weren’t realistic and exciting.

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