Milan Fashion Week: the story

In Italy, the aristocrat Giovanni Battista Giorgini organized a series of shows at Palazzo Pitti in Florence, inspired by the success of Eleanor Lambert, the founder of the American fashion week.

Emilio Pucci and Missoni were among the first designers to gain credibility with this type of event.

The success of the Tuscan event caused such a traffic problem in the city, unable to support the influx of people who came from all over the world, so the shows were moved to Milan.

It was here in 1975 that the first and proper Italian Fashion Week took place.

The National Chamber of Italian Fashion
The success of these fashion shows has a pleasant effect on the National Chamber of Fashion, a non-profit organization founded in 1958.

The institution therefore created a real fashion week dedicated to the great Italian names in the fashion system, first based in Rome, then in Milan.

The first Fashion Week had a Milanese stamp right from the start.
It was staged in 1975. In the early months of 1962, however, an organization called the “National Chamber of Italian Fashion” was created by the will of the Centro Romano Alta Moda, which largely reflected, in its aims and structure, the association conception by Giorgini.

Entities, fashion centers and Chambers of Commerce were invited to the deed of incorporation with the aim of immediately conferring an official character on the association and offering the sector the prompt and unanimous adhesion of all the bodies interested in Italian fashion.
The purpose of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion
From 29 September 1962 the association began to operate in the fashion sector.

The aim, just as today, was to “represent the highest values ​​of Italian fashion, protect, coordinate and enhance the image of fashion in Italy and abroad, as well as the technical, artistic and economic interests of the associates”.
A truly unique fashion experience to be lived at least once in a lifetime

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