Michael Jordan

American basketball legend, Michael Jordan was born in New York on February 17, 1963. He spent his childhood in the Brooklyn neighborhood, where his parents had recently moved. He grew up in a humble family, his mother Doloris was a bank clerk, and his father James R. Jordan Sr. was a power plant mechanic. As a boy he is very introverted, cannot socialize and has few interests. At school he does not excel, he learns quickly but applies little. In middle school, he is noted for his particular propensity to sport. He played basketball at the same time and was immediately nicknamed “dunker” because of the spectacular dunks, baseball as a powerful pitcher and football in the role of quarterback. In a discipline, however, becomes a real celebrity at school and in fact during the last year is among the best players in the championship. With a scholarship, he was selected by North Carolina University and joined the first NCAA basketball team. The last game of the year is a final, and with a shot at the end hands the victory to his university becoming an idol. His sporting success overwhelmed him and he left his studies early. He was selected as the third player by the Chicago Bulls and joined the NBA. It’s not a good time for the team but on his arrival things change for the better and you start to win. In 1983 he was named “Rookie of the year”, the best freshman in the championship, he was called up to the All Star Game, winning the attention of the sports world. Everyone is waiting to see his talent, his flying dunks. A bad injury blocks the start of the second year among professionals. But he works hard and comes back stronger than before, in the 1986 playoffs he is a record 63-point scorer against the Boston Celtics. For the highest consecration must wait for the third championship. Best scorer ever, with an average of 37 points per game, an undisputed idol. His name is associated with the word “Air” for his ability to fly to the basket without ever failing. He’s not just a player anymore, he’s a cover man. He ends his career because of an unpleasant episode, his father is killed during a robbery with a gunshot. He then tries to give himself to baseball, his first love, but it does not suit him and comes back again, always to the delight of basketball fans around the world. For the man of records, the official retirement comes in 2003. The name of the former Chicago Bulls basketball player has always been associated with his technical sponsor Nike. Brands with swoosh has been Jordan’s main supporter and partner, especially in economic terms. The sportswear giant has paid Jordan about $1.3 billion since signing his first contract in 1984. It’s the richest sponsorship deal ever for a sportsman, but it’s also the biggest deal, as MJ helped turn Nike into one of the world’s leading consumer brands. l’agente del giocatore, David Falk, che ha anche coniato la frase Air Jordan, ha incoraggiato Jordan a unirsi a Nike. L’azienda dell’Oregon alla fine ha offerto un accordo di cinque anni con un compenso base di 500.000 dollari all’anno, triplicando qualsiasi altro affare di sneaker NBA. Jordan from Nike earned about 130 million dollars from Nike last year, four times more than LeBron James, who has the largest shoe contract among active players in the NBA.

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