Michael Johnson

Michael was born in Dallas on September 13, 1967.

He is an American athlete, called a great sprinter with eight world and four Olympic titles. He set a world record (400m, 43s 18) for seventeen years and (200m, 19s 32) for twelve years.

Thanks to his racing style he has a nickname: “The Loco of Waco”.

  Michael Johnson at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Stadium was hosting the Centennial Olympics, that is the final of the 200 meters and a short time before he had won the 400 meters.

Michael Johnson at 100 meters was paired with Frankie Fredeicks, but then he thought he wanted to win, to make Olympic sports history, so he sped up a lot and won.

Michael Johnson, after many victories, founded “Michael Johnson Performance” (MJP) to help athletes and champions from all over the world to reach their goals with correct training and a perfect mindset.

This association is seen as one of the most important athletic training facilities in the world, providing in-season and off-season training programs, analysis and injury prevention programs for athletes to maintain a superior level of athletic performance.

Some questions asked to Michael with the relative answers:

“What is running for you today?”

  • “Time to run three miles. It frees my mind, relaxes me, I like it. I do it for this, to feel good about myself. It is not just a physical question.”

“But how much does the 200 run?”

  • “The truth? I have no idea. In fact, I know one thing: I go slowly, very slowly. Without a doubt, slower than before and every day I go slower, that’s it, I feel I can guarantee the data on this: I’m slow.”

“Today half the world runs, over all kinds of distances. What’s going on?”

  • “People have discovered how important it is to go out and get started.”
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