Emma = Hello everyone! I was walking quietly through High Park and I met… Tom Holland who was walking with Tessa, his adorable little dog!

Tom Holland = Hello everyone! Yes I’m here with my Tessa!

Emma = So sweet! So can we ask you some questions?

Tom Holland = Sure!

Emma = Okay, let’s start with the first question! Which team of any sport do you support?

Tom Holland = Well, I have to admit that I support Arsenal a lot, but I really suck at playing!

Emma = Quiet! How do you feel about playing the role of Spider-Man?

Tom Holland = Are you seriously asking me if I like it? I love it! I love being Spider-Man! With the costume I feel almost … invincible! I feel really strong! I know it sounds stupid and selfish but I like it!

Emma = Quiet! I think everyone would feel invincible if we had a costume! Instead, we know you can’t help spoiling! When was it that you risked so much for your spoiler?

Tom Holland = Well… I’ve been spoiled many times in interviews and I swear it’s not my fault he’s stronger than me! But in the interviews there was always someone who stopped me, so I think the worst is when I was live on Instagram and spoiled a lot of things about Avenger Endgame!

Emma = Oh yes I remember that live! What is your favorite movie instead?

Tom Holland = For sure it’s “Saving Private Ryan” it’s a very touching movie, that’s why it’s my favorite movie!

Emma = Good! What is your favorite color instead?

Tom Holland = Defintely, red! it’s a nice strong color!

Emma = Okay! Instead, let’s talk about things a little more serious … When and where did you give your first kiss?

Tom Holland = Oh, well My first kiss was backstage at the Victoria Palace, the theater that housed the opera I was in, Billy Elliot. Five of us were playing Truth or Dare, and it was fun. I really liked it and I was 11 years old!

Emma = At ​​least you liked it! Staying on the subject of love, who was your first crush and how old were you?

Tom Holland = Mhh… My first crush was 9 years old, for Emma Watson in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, wearing that pink dress. That was like an explosion inside me.

Emma = Good! Thanks Tom Holland for participating in this little interview! And you from Home! I hope I haven’t bored you! See you next time!!

Tom Holland = See you next time !!

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