May of Books in Caltagirone: a month of events dedicated to reading

The “May of Books 2022”, promoted by the Center for Books and Reading of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, this year, in its twelfth edition, has as its theme “ContemporaneaMente. Read to understand “. The leitmotif of the appointments and the  initiatives is the discovery of the past as the root of the present and a tool for designing the future in the deep conviction that it is possible to orient oneself through the only compass, a book, which does not indicate a direction but it helps to reflect on how find your own direction. At the centre of attention there is the notion of freedom, chosen as the focal topic of the review. A dominant theme, both because of the complex historical dynamics in progress, and for the temporal transversality that characterizes it. The subtitle is in fact “Timeless freedoms’ ‘. The “Maggio dei Libri in Caltagirone” will focus on the themes of the struggle for freedom, freedom from below, women’s freedom and contemporary freedom. The program is divided into various events that unfold over the six weeks between April 23rd and May 3st1. The realization of the activities was made possible thanks to the involvement of cultural associations operating in the area, but also of individual citizens and educational institutions. “Il Maggio dei Libri” started with a sensory workshop at Villa Patti, organized by the Maieutica and Arci Amari associations, and a reading marathon, organized by the municipal library, which ended in the garden of the San Luigi School. Many people participated and “This – said the municipal councillor for libraries, Luca Giarmanà – makes us look with confidence at the continuation of the initiatives and trust in an ever wider participation of young and old”. Throughout the month it was possible for schoolchildren to carry out guided tours at the Emanuele Taranto Library and the Alessio Narbone Middle School Library. One of the most anticipated initiatives is the presentation of the book “Paolo sono”, an imaginary diary by Paolo Borsellino, which will take place on May 23rd at Piazzale Falcone Borsellino with the participation of the author and edited by the Falcone Borsellino newsstand. Within this event there will be a relay race to read the book “Paolo sono” by the students of the Calatine schools. The last appointment is set on Sunday 29th May: a party at Villa Patti which will host the presentation of other books

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Andrea Scaletta