My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.

 very gentle and patient in teaching us and I am  very grateful to them! The hotel was confortable and clean and there where very large rooms and private bathrooms, I have divided the room with my schoolmates. we had a great fun! . Except for breakfast, which I am not used to, everything else was very good.

 We went to many famous attractions. Dinner it has been also very good, and we have many choices. We could choose to eat pizza, Italian pasta and salad. Overall, it was very good and I liked this trip so much.

I enriched a lot from this trip and I am very happy to be with my teachers and classmates now. The scenery in Malta is super beautiful and the food is delicious. We stayed in a hotel near St. Julian’s and could see the beautiful sea in the morning. We went to the center of St. Julian’s and there is a big shopping mall and many Japanese food, but unfortunately we didn’t eat them. When we visited Marsaxlokk, there were many boats of different colors, which were very beautiful on the sea. We also took a lot of photos of Marsaxlokk. There were so many scenery along the way that we couldn’t see them all. There were also many small pendants there that were very beautiful.

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