The mandate of Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Italian Republic, has come to an end and the names of his possible successors have already been circulating for several months.

The Head of State is a fundamental figure in the Italian legal system, not only because it is the reference point of the country, but also because the functioning of the institutions depends on his work.

Italian Constitution assigns many powers to the President of the Republic, such as the appointment of the Prime Minister and of the ministers, he promulgates laws or dissolves the Chambers.

During the seven-year period of Mattarella, the political context has changed several times: five different governments have followed each other and the President has always favoured the parliamentary resolution of crises. He has always shown that he knows how to evaluate with deep sensitivity, but also resolutely.

Mattarella’s seven years was characterized by difficult, sometimes dramatic moments: the earthquake in Central Italy, the collapse of the Morandi bridge and the Covid-19 pandemic.  Even in the latter situation, the President of the Republic played a fundamental role: by carrying out his role as guarantor of national unity, Mattarella tried to reassure the Italians in such a difficult time.

The President himself, in his last speech at the end of the year, reflected on the seven years of his mandate, defining them challenging, complex years, full of emotions. There have been some dramatic moments during these years.

Mattarella reiterated what are the main duties of a President: “take charge of the general interest” and “safeguard the role and powers of the institutions”.

He was a President who did not try to bring out his personality and this characteristic, combined with a measured but effective communication, led him to obtain a high popular consensus.

People perceived in Mattarella the value of humanity and institutions; he was always at the forefront and showed himself to the citizens as the guarantor of the reliability of the country. A steady and gentle guide, present but without any desire to be protagonist. Ready and resolute at every crucial moment, he was a milestone for the institutions and his fellow citizens.

Sofia Gugliotta

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Sofia Gugliotta