Mattarella’s seven year journey. 

On February 3 2022, Mattarella’s time as head of the State will come to an end. It has been seven years since his  appointment as President of the Italian Republic, seven long years which will soon come to an end. 

To be honest, I think that Mattarella has been a good President, not great, just good, his Presidency is not one of the best in the history of our Republic,but not even the worst. But now, who is going to replace him? 

The decision is not clear yet, there are many rumors: 

● “Mattarella bis”: for the moment it seems the most plausible idea, that’s because for now nothing is certain.

● The first woman President: this is the proposal put forward by Movimento 5 Stelle, but so far it has found no supporters. 

● Draghi for President: there are some rumors about Draghi becoming the new President of the Republic but I think these are just rumors. 

Summarizing: nothing is sure for the moment, but many rumors are crawling around. The only thing we can do for the moment is just waiting for the final results. 

The surest thing is that all the Italians just want “something new” and we all want better people as Head of State.Now we can just hope that parliamentarians will make the right decision for Italy.

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Federico Arancio




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