Mattarella: the first Sicilian as a President of the Republic

Sergio Mattarella was born in Palermo on 23 July 1941. He is an Italian politician and lawyer. In 1980 he entered politics with the Christian Democrats (it was an Italian centrist and Christian Democrat political party led by Rocco Buttiglione). In July 1989 Matterella was appointed Minister of Education. He intervened with the reorganization of the teaching programs of the first two years of the Italian high school and oversaw the overall reform project of the elementary school. In the 1992 elections, Sergio Mattarella was elected to the Chamber of Deputies with 50,280 preferences, confirming himself as the second most voted Christian Democrat in the constituency of western Sicily. He was the spokesman of the reform laws of the electoral system of the Chamber and the Senate, named “Mattarellum” after him. Mattarella assumed the position of Vice President of the Council during D’Alema I government, a center-left wing government, with delegation to the secret services that too he tried to reform. In the 2006 political elections, he was a candidate on the so-called Ulivo list (it was an electoral alliance of the Italian center-left) and was elected deputy for the seventh time. On January 31, 2015, Mattarella was elected president of the Italian Republic, obtaining 665 votes. He is the first Sicilian to hold the office of President of the Republic.

On 29 January 2022, Sergio Mattarella was reconfirmed President of the Italian Republic for a second term, obtaining 759 votes and resulting as the second most voted ever in the history of Italy.

In my opinion, Mattarella has been elected for the second term because he is very professional, impartial, and well-liked by all.

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