Maths: I hate you and I love you

Throughout the school years, who hasn’t wondered why we study Maths… Arithmetic, Pythagorean theorem, Geometry, Multiplication, mental calculus, decimal numbers, whole numbers, fractions, segments, rational and irrational numbers… is it really useful to study all this? What are the concrete situations, outside of Maths lessons , in which all of this is useful to us?
Think about it… Shopping for groceries, buying a house, saving money, calculating weights, temperatures, mixtures, distances, angles, masses, the fuel needed… and what about pandemics? data are studied and observed (Covid 19, for one), to understand where a virus spreads, how fast it does so, and under what conditions. Maths is always there…in the arrangement of our living spaces, in their furnishings. It starts with conceptualizing interiors in 2D, then in 3D to study the geometry of spaces. Learning Maths, whether we like it or not, means studying the world.
The “Bocconi” international Maths games championships are held every year in Milan. These are exciting competitions aimed mainly at students, divided into categories according to the class attended, organized by the Fédération Française des Jeux Mathématiques and, for the Italian phase… by the PRISTEM center, which comes under the Bocconi University of Milan.
A lot of logic, intuition and imagination are needed to overcome the proposed challenges… The competition is divided into several stages, quarterfinals – semifinals – finals and ends with the internationals.
I am happy that I was able to participate and pass the first two stages. I’m preparing to go to Milan and see the headquarters of the prestigious university where I am playing the national final tomorrow, at 2 p.m.! On this occasion the team that will represent Italy in the international final will be selected.
From my school three students are leaving, me for the c1 category, Andrea and Elisabetta for the c2 category. New challenges are waiting for us, problems with fun and intriguing, curious statements and it will be nice to stop and think a bit, to look for possible solutions.
Our teachers, Mrs. Rosa Pia Sgrò and Mrs. Annamaria Bongiorno, who with passion try to arouse in us more and more interest in this seemingly complex but at the same time very interesting subject, with this important result have had the confirmation of the validity of this project and we all have been able to understand how “computational thinking,” about which so much has been talked about for a few years, can be a support to the study of fundamental disciplines such as Maths.

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Arianna Vanadia Bartolo


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