Massimo Bossetti e Yara Gambirasio


It’s been almost 12 years since that cold evening in November, precisely the 26th. Yara Gambirasio was a normal 13-year-old girl from Brembate, in the province of Bergamo, who was waited at home unsuccessfull by her parents. Yara’s never came home. Meanwhile, the research began, which concentrated mainly near a yard situated 3 km from his gym, in Mapello. The Gambirasio family waited for news from the police for more than three months, but in the end the dreaded news came from the law enforcement: a passer has identified the body of the very young Yara near Chignolo d’isola, 9 km from the yard. The body had injuries to her wrists, chest, back and throat, but according to law enforcement, the girl was still alive when the guilty, who raped her, left the scene of the crime, leaving her in the cold. The key to find the guilty would be two traces of male DNA found on Yara’s leggings and briefs.

Now all it had to do was run a match to match the guilty’s DNA. It was decided to collect as many DNA samples as possible from the inhabitants of the area. The turning point came among the clients of a dance school: a genetic link was found with the DNA of the bailty, it was Damiano Guerinoni. So the investigators decided to draw the blood of all the relatives of the man and after some investigations, the tests show that the culprit was 99.9% Son of Giuseppe Guerinoni. All that was left to do was investigate Giuseppe’s past, but it wasn’t easy at all. This work lasts months, but eventually brings its results. The name of Ester Arzuffi emerges, she was the lover of Guerinoni of whom she had become pregnant. The children given birth, however, are raised by her father. One of the two brothers is called Massimo Giuseppe, like his biological father, and his surname is Bossetti, like the acquired father with whom Ester was married. Missing the last piece to incriminate Massimo Bossetti: his DNA. To obtain it, the police established a checkpoint for the alcoltest. Soon as he passed, he was stopped and had to blow into a straw. In the alcohol test, a fragment of DNA was deposited, which in the analysis was found to be the one of the culprit. Massimo Bossetti was therefore the man held responsible for the murder of the young woman. Despite numerous trials, he still considers himself innocent. According to the convict’s lawyers, DNA samples have appeared that have never been mentioned before. The hope of bossetti is that the process is reviewed and we are waiting for further updates.

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Rotiroti Andrea


IIIA Liceo Scientifico di Chiaravalle Centrale (CZ)


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