Mary Poppins returns

I watched Mary Poppins Returns on TV some days ago. It is a musical and it is the sequel to the film Mary Poppins.

The main actors are Emily Blunt, who interprets Mary Poppins, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who interprets Jack, Pixie Davies, who interprets Annabel Banks, Joel Dawson, who interprets Georgie Banks, Nathanael Saleh, who interprets John Banks, Ben Whishaw, who interprets Michael Banks, and Emily Mortimer, who interprets Jane Banks.

The plot is similar to that of the first film, with special effects, songs and lots of fun. For me the special effects are awesome, the plot is interesting and at the same moment funny and the actors were good. 

I advise watching this film because it is very good and it is full of fantasy. In it the things aren’t in the right position, they don’t follow the parameters of the normality.

The film makes a distinction between adults and children:

-adults: serious and full of problems;

-children: happy and carefree.

Luckily there’s Mary Poppins, in the middle way, cheerful but sometimes strict, who knows how to make adults happy and how to scold the children when needed.

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Fabio Di Mauro


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