Martial arts

Martial arts are often mistaken for aggressive activities related only to fighting techniques and self-defense. In reality, it is a discipline with numerous benefits for those who practice it. From a physical point of view, martial art is a workout that improves joint flexibility, increasing strength and endurance. For instance, by practicing martial arts, you can work on your back or tone up your muscles. Not to mention from a psychological point of view, the benefits are many in terms of better awareness and self-confidence. By knowing the typical movements of self-defense, one can achieve enviable calm even in potentially dangerous situations. Indeed, martial arts are essentially about controlling life energy, which drives out negative energies and insecurities of various kinds.

Here are some of the most practiced, I bet you don’t know them all or, in either case, don’t know their specific benefits.

-Judo. Introduced in 1882 in Japan and is based essentially on projections and holds. A rather technical discipline, useful above all for personal defense.

-Kickboxing. This is a martial art that combines the punching techniques typical of English boxing with the kicking techniques of karate. It’s a discipline that consists of training reflexes and strengthening the body and mind while lowering stress levels.

-Tai Chi Chuan. This is the supreme art of combat: an ancient Chinese martial art based on the Taoist concept of Ying-Yang, or the alliance of opposites. It began as a system of self-defense, which has evolved over time into effective practice for health and well-being. This martial art involves slow, circular movements similar to a kind of dance, a sequence of exercises called ‘slow form’. The benefits include relaxed movements, increased body awareness, and improved breathing. The practice of this technique makes the body more agile and harmonious, benefiting posture, the nervous system, and circulation.

-Kung-fu. Literally: “achievement of skill and mastery by man”, i.e. one of the most important goals for those practising martial arts. Kung Fu is a collection of all traditional Chinese martial arts. 

-Ju-Jitsu. Ju-Jitsu is an ancient Japanese fight performed with bare hands. The word Ju Jitsu means yielding, and flexibility, so its translation is the art of yielding and flexibility or gentle art. It combines the judo technique of grappling and projections with the typical techniques of Karate, namely kicks and punches.

-Aikidō. Aikidō is a Japanese martial art, also known as Budo, practiced both with bare hands and with the traditional cutting weapons typical of this discipline. Practitioners are called aikidoka. The discipline was introduced in the 1930s. Aikido is based on the search for the best defensive behavior to avoid confrontation and encourage disengagement from combat.

Now, what are you waiting for, if you don’t play any sport and don’t know which one is right for you, you should start somewhere, and why not from here!

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