March 21st , the day of awakening in memory of the victims of the mafia

Monday 21st  March 2022 will take place in Naples and simultaneously in hundreds of places in Italy, Europe, Africa and Latin America on the 26th “Day Of Remembrance” and the commitment in memory of the innocent victims of the mafia. Since 1996, on the first day of spring, the Libera association has celebrated this day by reciting the names and surnames of the innocent victims of the mafia in a square, so as not to forget. In this long list there are men who have fought the mafia, men who have not succumbed to blackmail and who have professed their ideas of justice and legality and then there are many men who have found themselves in the trajectory of a bullet aimed at others.

Why was March 21 chosen?

The first day of spring has been chosen to celebrate this day because in spring we witness the awakening of nature and on this day our consciences must also awaken so that no victim is forgotten and our society is cleansed of the poison of the mafia and of silence.

Graziella Campagna, a girl from Messina like us killed by the mafia

Since the Libera association aims to keep alive the memory of mafia victims and spread their stories, today we want to tell a story that does not have a judge or a magistrate as its protagonist and not even a priest or a policeman, but a simple 17-year-old Sicilian girl, originally from the province of Messina.

She is Graziella Campagna. In July 1985 Graziella found a job in a laundry, for her who decided not to continue her studies it was an opportunity to earn some money. The laundry was frequented by two men who appeared to be good people, cordial and friendly, but who would turn out to be two fugitives. One day one of them brings dirty clothes to the laundry and while Graziella checks the laundry she finds a diary in a shirt pocket containing compromising data. Graziella ignores the gravity of the discovery of this document and spends the day calmly but does not know that the diary contains “mafia” information that she should not have read. The two fugitives will discover that Graziella has found that diary and on 12th December 1985 they will kill her by firing 5 shots with a shotgun and a severed barrel, one of which in the face. His body will be found in an isolated mountain place.

Today Graziella has had justice, but the trial against those responsible was very long, it lasted 24 years, longer than Graziella has lived.

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Valeria Buffo, Giorgia Pandolfino, Santina Quattrocchi


4B Liceo Scientifico – Istituto Minutoli Messina -Sez. Quasimodo


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