A menacing-looking ship is docked at the port of a small seaside village. Its sails are lowered but on the mast the pirate flag proudly flies: the Jolly roger! A local kid is willing to do anything to get on board. He still does not know what awaits him off the familiar coasts of the small seaside village where he lives .. Ready to take to the sea and set sail for the greatest adventure of all time in search of the mythical One Piece, the most mysterious treasure of all the sea?! Quick, then, there is no time to waste! Metlteteyi at the ribs of Monkey D. Luffy and follow him without ever losing sight of him: Straw Hat and his crew will lead you straight to the heart of the legendary universe of piracy, Iungo the dreaded Major Route, face to face with the most absurd subjects that have never crossed the Mare Blut And know that our hero has a no small goal to become the king of pirates!

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Martini Enrico


2ª B Staffoli