Nowdays, despite the industrialized world is rapidly growing, our living conditions are improving day by day and a large part of the society lives in comfort and prosperity, still the other part of the world lives in conditions of extreme poverty and is starving. Poverty is far from being eradicated. 

Poverty alone does not cause malnutrition, but it surely reduces the availability of adequate quantities of food for most of the most vulnerable populations. If we make reference to some data, today “821.6 million people – 10% of the world’s population – do not have enough food and over 90% of malnourished people live in developing countries.”

Worldwide, 1 in 12 children suffer from acute malnutrition, severe acute malnutrition directly kills 1 million children every year and in India nearly half of children suffer from severe malnutrition.

And, of course, we are aware of the fact that malnutrition is what leads to a lot of children’s death. Acute malnutrition is the worst threat to children’s survival and still nothing is done to save them.

In the world over 50 million children suffer from acute malnutrition: in Asia, in Africa. And if we think of the fact that even around us, a lot of people struggle to feed their kids and to make ends meet, we know that probably history repeats itself.

On top of that, another problem arises: the use of drugs. It is known that drugs, especially opium, are used not to feel the hunger. However, an individual, if he is severely malnourished, is not able to tolerate drugs. Thus, the combination of acute malnutrition, HIV and AIDS in a child dramatically increases the risk of death.

But the solutions exist. Malnutrition is predictable, preventable and treatable. Eradicating hunger on a global scale is possible.

No child should starve! That’s our cry for the world.

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Gabriele Pergolizzi


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