Mafia: 31 mafia members of the Brancaccio clan arrested, thanks to a perfect blitz carried out by policemen and carabinieri.

PALERMO MAY 17 2022 – The State Police and the Carabinieri of Palermo have carried out a precautionary measure against 31 suspects accused in various capacities of mafia-type association, possession and production of drugs, possession of weapons, personal aiding and abetting and extortion with the aggravating circumstance of the mafia method. 29 individuals went to jail, while 2 ended up under house arrest. The investigations were coordinated by the DDA. The investigation made it possible to shed light on the organization chart of the mafia families of the districts of Ciaculli and Brancaccio, which includes clans such as Corso dei Mille and Roccella. The precautionary measures were carried out in Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Alessandria and Genoa. In particular, the investigations that have shed light on the new leaders of the Brancaccio clan have ascertained that, after a blitz conducted in 2019, the mafia families have tried to reorganize. In this way, leaders, followers and “soldiers” affiliated with Cosa Nostra were identified who would have carried out dozens of extortions, committed to numerous traders and entrepreneurs and would have managed the shopping squares scattered throughout the Brancaccio area. Part of the money raised from these activities would be used to support the families of the inmates. In the order, 50 extortions against business owners are reconstructed and documented. 

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