Made in Italy Challenge,the list of 100 talents.

Innovation: The Sole240re and Financial Times hackathon started yesterday: the proposals of young people to relaunch the economy and competitiveness of the country. 

One hundred young innovators,grouped into multiple teams,

competing to solve challenges strategic and business.

Made in opened yesterday Italy Challenge, an initiative organized by Ft Talent and 24 Ore Eventi, in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore and Financial Times, which sees the participation, remotely connected, talents from the EU, USA, Latin America,Hong Kong and Singapore.

«An innovative contest – underlined Mirja Cartia d’Asero, CEO of 24 Hour Group – designed by two greats multimedia realities to promote Italian excellence and the economic revival of our country, through developing new business ideas to support the growth of made in Italy “. John Ridding, CEO of Financial Times, underlined the importance of the event «to encourage young people to create a future in Italy”. The 100 talents chosen were selected from over 1,500 candidates.

Itis about girls and boys with an age average of 24 years, coming from various university addresses, from both faculties

humanities that Stem.

From yesterday, the opening day of the Challenge, which takes place in Italian and English, until Thursday 12 May the young participants will compete and the ceremony of

awarding of the winning team will take place on Friday 13 May.

An essential part of the contest is the discussion of the 100 participants with managers and entrepreneurs, which began yesterday, after the opening of the works, and focused on issues such as the digitization of businesses, sustainability, innovation and internationalization. Two rectors also took part in the meeting: Gianmario Verona, from Bocconi, and Ferruccio remains from the Milan Polytechnic. As well as Alfonso Dolce, CEO of D&G. Corrado Passera, founder and CEO of Illimity bank, recalled, precisely in terms of sustainability, that “large or small companies must be aware of the fact that, very soon, their possibility of obtaining credit will be assessed on the basis of whether they are or not eligible for the green asseratio.

And if one is not okay with these rules they may not get credit. The bank must therefore accompany businesses along this path, especially if they are small ”. Sustainability, however, now goes hand in hand with digitalization, underlined Enrico Mercadante, director of innovation at Cisco: “These are two forces that started very far from the beginning. But now the two trends are in fact inseparable: they can make and devise big changes if you don’t think about the digital tool ».

Italian companies, moreover, said Fabio Vaccarono, CEO of Multiversity, must be open to «confronting each other on an international level. Don’t be afraid but accept the

challenge”. On the innovation front, Vittorio Foschi, CEO of Technacy, stressed that “innovating does not only mean using new technology but also simply using technology in a different way than before”. Pierpaolo Carini, CEO of the Egea multi-utility, instead emphasized that the philosophy of «small is beautiful is over» in Italy too.

Today it is clear that for having global competence you need to be sufficiently large “. But companies must also be able to move fast, as current times dictate, said Gavin Wood, president of Emea of ​​Johnson & Johnson Med Tech: “it is something that young people who join the company

must have is open-mindedness”.

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