Lucia Cipriano, dead body found cut to pieces

ANSA is the first multimedia news agency in Italy and the fifth in the world. Founded in Rome in 1945, its purpose is to transmit news concerning the main events in Italy and around the world. For this reason, ANSA has 22 offices in Italy and 81 offices in 78 other countries. The main office is located in Rome. The ANSA agencies air, more or less, over 3.500 news flashes a day that can be of National or local intrest, or specific to a certain sector In addition, the languages used to transmit the news are Italian, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Arabic. A recently published article mentions an elderly woman who was cut to pieces, probably, by one of her daughters. The victim is an eighty-four-year-old woman, Lucia Cipriano, who was found on May 26, 2022, in the bathtub of her bathroom, decapitated, cut into pieces with a saw and wrapped in plastic sheeting sealed with duct tape. According to initial investigations, the woman has reportedly been dead for two months. The youngest daughter, concerned by the numerous unanswered calls made to her mother, decides to leave to verify that her mother is well. However, upon arriving at the door of her mother’s house, she notices signs of forced entry. Several times her older sister, Rosa Fabbiano, tries to impede her sister from entering the bathroom, providing the first clues to her guilt. Also, during an emotional breakdown, she appears to partially confess to the murder. Today, the girl is in prison awaiting interrogation. I have chosen to report this news because I believe it is one of the most shocking episodes in recent Italian news.

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Maria Rita Italiano