One of the best-known astronauts in Italy is Luca Parmitano from Catania, born in Paternò on 27 September 1976, married and with two daughters. He graduated from Galileo Galilei in Catania and devoted himself totally to his passion: space.

He attended the Air Force Academy and graduated in political science, but moved to Texas to train as a pilot at Euro-NATO. He then attended a series of courses which he passed brilliantly and toured all over the world. He was the first Italian to take a spacewalk of about six hours, his first mission lasted just over six months and took place in 2013.

In 2019 his second mission where he held a role never before given to an Italian. His career was accompanied by some difficulties, in fact, in 2005 his aircraft suffered an attack from a large bird while Parmitano was crossing the English Channel. Despite the major damage, the astronaut manages to bring the aircraft back to the ground.

In 2013, in another accident, water entered the helmet (about a liter and a half) which did not allow him to see and breathe, but this time to the accident has been resolved in the best way. non-cumulative in space and it is the ESA astronaut who has spent the most time there. He has received various honors, both Italian and foreign, and has written two books: “Volare. Space and other challenges ”and“ Flying. 166 days with AstroLuca “.

His last mission dates back to September 2020 where he accompanied and trained his colleagues on a mission to the Moon.

I decided to write this article about Luca Parmitano because I really admire his courage and his missions.

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