Luca- “A great Italian animation film”

Among the great victories of Italy during this 2021, from music to sport, our
nation has also distinguished itself in the cinema sector, with the exorbitant
success of the animated film “Luca”.
This disney-pixar film, released on June 18 2021, mainly deals with the
themes of friendship, family, diversity, growth and estrangement.
Luca Paguro, the protagonist, is a very young sea monster who has never
come out of the water, discouraged by his parents who warn him about
treacherous humans. But one day he meets Alberto Scorfano, a creature like
him, who, on the contrary, lives there on Earth. Once out of the water, the
monsters take the form of real people in flesh and blood. United by their new
friendship and a shared passion, the Vespa, the two decide to go to the
nearest city to see if they can find one with which to escape together, far
away. “Luca” is a beautiful summer adventure and the story of a true
friendship. It is a story set in Portorosso, inspired by the Cinque Terre, in
Alberto teaches Luca not to allow the little voice inside the head of each of us
who calls Bruno, to take control of ourselves, limiting our choices
and not facing our fears. It can happen to everyone to have a “Bruno” in the
head and not find a way to get rid of it. What do you think?
We scream

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Bianca Todaro, Laura Di Mauro, Chiara Genovese


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