Freedom represents for all people a conquer achieved over the course of time with efforts and sacrifices, which includes the right to think, to express, to be the person you want to be. But today many people don’t even know its meaning. Our society is characterized by a lot of wickedness and unhappiness, and even love becomes a suffering. Love between two people of different sexes, so the Omosexuality, should represent strength, value and equality, when instead it’s seen as a source of contempt. How would we all feel in their shoes if they deprived us of loving freely? Let’s think about it.

As a famous phrase by Marcel Proust quotes: “There were no abnormals when homosexuality was normal”, we think that ignorance and the inability to understand the emotions of others and consider them equal to themselves, are the only causes of so much unfounded hatred . Over time there has been a continuous succession of positive or negative influences from society, assailed by the fear of free expression, like an infinite mass of sheep. Therefore it’s considered one of the cultural minorities in the world, also present in the list of incurable diseases. It’s absurd to think that in the 21st century, 70 years after the tragedy of the Shoah, we find ourselves in a world increasingly corrupted by prejudice. People think they have changed, they have abandoned the old mentality and old habits, but despite this, many parents or family members today are unable to put themselves in the shoes of their teenagers, they are unable to accept a similar “abnormality”, a big scandal; so silence become the only means of equality, powerful enough to lead to suicide. But is it really worth it? Who are others how to live? The choice, and above all the courage, are up to us. Over the time the mentality of man has improved, but still in some countries in the world such as Africa, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran etc., it’s condemned homosexuality leading to the death penalty or in better cases to imprisonment; in 27 countries homosexual marriages and adoptions are legally recognized. LGBT rights (the lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender community) are part of the broader spectrum of human and civil rights. I have this topic in my heart because I know manygay people and I can’t accept that they are treated like that, such a blasfemy against the word LOVE. So don’t allow anyone to turn off your dreams, make sure that this wall of truth doesn’t fall on you and upset your present, your happiness. When you see an homosexual don’t criticate him, but embrace him and talk to him like a normal person, because the diversity makes each of us special. We are all free to love anyone regardless of sex, because where there is family there is love, and where there is love there is still hope for change.

Therefore a day I hope to achieve this objective, for all those who suffer and died every day tired of fighting a battle not yet won.

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