Love cannot be commanded: a chronicle of loves in war

The stories of horror and atrocities that tell us about the war in Ukraine are many, but among the many tragic news that comes to us every day there is a positive one, a glimmer of hope in the wall of fear. The race for marriages, and births, tell of a country that, once again, does not want, to give up. Love cannot be commanded and not even bombs can stop the desire to start a life together: the war, in fact, has not stopped love and the desire to look ahead. In Ukraine, under the bombings, people get married even more than in peacetime. According to Ukraine Now, since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, nearly 22,000 couples have promised each other eternal love (1,800 in Kiev alone).

The well-known Ukrainian newspaper reports that. the Ministry of Justice has simplified wedding registration in the country. In fact, marriages can take place in any civil registry office in territories where hostilities are not taking place. Furthermore, under certain conditions, a civil officer is not required to celebrate the wedding; in fact, marriages can also be officiated and registered by policemen and soldiers. Not infrequently these weddings are celebrated at the front, in places certainly not suitable for civil or religious ceremonies: women and men in camouflage with an improvised bouquet and a makeshift veil attached to the helmet, who are immortalized in the ritual photo among the rubble from the bombing. Soldiers can also marry remotely via the Zoom platform by submitting a request to their commander.

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Francesca Colomba