Love is a touchy subject to discuss and it is even more now during the Covid emergency. Before a virus changed our lives forever, it was easy to define a relationship: a friend in love with another, two people dating for the first time, friends hanging out, couples engaged for months..but what about now? 

Teenagers as well as adults are always locked at home because outside there is a pandemic going on. Adults go to work, support their families and kids are mostly at home. What kids are asked to do is to get good grades at school, to be well behaved, to follow the rules and stick to the plan. But what about love? What about feelings and emotions you we should experience at our age?

Nowadays Love has become something you can only express through a screen, on social networks like Instagram where a lot of photos appear. Pushed by the instinct to communicate and relate to others we decide to start online conversations that end up being disappointing and dead-end when we want a hug and real human contact and warmth. Even if there are some occasions on which we guys go out to meet up, it is nothing like one year ago when we could have remained without the protection of our masks. 

However, I think that when you really love someone, distance is not what matters. Despite everything, the new circumstances have taught us some important lessons. The Coronavirus emergency, which made us apart, has taught us to appreciate even the little things, even if we are distant from the person who makes us happy. Our heart will always be close to him or her. 

Obviously, you can’t see the beloved person, but going deep down into your heart you can recognize the love you feel inside. So, what I personally want to say is that it is in the separation that you feel and understand how strong and deep your love is.

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Maria Gabriella Sottile


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