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British and American Fashion designers

Who doesn’t know Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein? They are famous fashion designers who produce clothes, accessories, perfumery, watches and more….

Tommy Hilfiger started his career by co-founding a chain of jeans/fashion stores called People’s Place in the State of  New York in the 1970s; he began with a menswear line in the 1980s and later expanded into women’s clothing and various luxury items such as perfumes.

His parents wanted him to get a college education and pursue a traditional career but he never gave up on his dream to build a global lifestyle brand (a multi-billion-dollar global brand!). Today Tommy Hilfiger lines includes Tommy Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger underwear, Tommy sport, Tommy Hilfiger tailored, Tommy Hilfiger plus and Tommy curve.

Tommy Hilfiger has become globally renowned as the pioneer of classic American cool style. Inspired by iconic pop culture and American heritage, the designer and his brand are driven by an ever-optimistic vision to break conventions and celebrate individuality.

Another famous designer is Ralph Lauren who in 1972, made the casual way of dressing.

He is known for his half-sleeved cotton T- shirt, the polo shirt that can be found in 24 different colors and competes with Lacoste.

Ralph Lauren is famous for his classic American clothing, his line of accessories and footwear and for Southwestern theme and safari looks. His lines focus on a timelessness style more than in fashion.

What about Calvin Klein? With his simple, comfortable but stylish clothes Calvin Klein is another American designer whose womenswear, menswear, jeans, cosmetics perfumes, watches and house lines collections are famous all over the world.

After studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, he worked as an apprentice designer for a coat and suit manufacturer in the “Big Apple”. He opened his own industry in a period of casual hippie – style clothing and he tried to provide a simple – understated clothes, elegant but easy to wear. This style had a lot of success in the USA and in other countries.

And now it’s Burberry turn. Burberry represents the British Style and it is one of the best known luxury fashion houses.

The brand was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856 and became famous in 1879 for creating gabardine, the world’s first waterproof fabric. Thanks to this functional fabric Burberry provided apparel for British soldiers during both world wars.

The check was introduced to the trench coat and it is a design feature of Burberry’s collections.

The first name of the brand was Burberry’s that in 2000 became Burberry of London. Elizabeth II and her son Prince Charles granted the company the Royal warrant.

Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Burberry are just some examples of British and American fashion designers. In the world of fashion we can choose from many different styles according to our taste and age. The important thing is to choose a style that reflects us and that makes us feel at ease.

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