Logos are an important part of a company or application, because they can tell the story of a brand, its values ​​and sometimes they can even reveal some secrets. Character, color, symbol, must not be chosen at random because every detail can hide a meaning or communicate a message. Choosing a visual image that adequately reflects the company and its values ​​can facilitate product recognition. Some very famous logos hide a lot of information about that company or application.Some are for example those of Amazon and Toyota.

As for the Amazon logo, let’s first analyze the letter “A” from Amazon.  The first company logo was made up of the letter “A” with what appears to be a river in the center.  At that time, the company’s business was limited only to the sale of books.  Over the years, Amazon has become a world leader in the e-commerce sector, selling all kinds of products.  It is important that the logo accompanies the company change;  precisely for this reason it was essential to create one that was able to communicate the new positioning of the company on the market. 

From a symbol, the Amazon logo has become purely textual, it also shows how from the single “A” you can get to the “Z”, using an orange arrow, as if to emphasize that you can find everything in ecommerce.

As for the Toyota logo, there are some interesting curiosities.  The first had the name “Toyoda”, later changed to “Toyota”.  In addition to a question of sound, one of the explanations to justify this change is reported on the brand’s website: Toyoda in Japanese is written with ten strokes of the brush;  Toyota, on the other hand, is written with only 8 strokes, a number that in Japan is associated with luck.  Currently, the symbol takes the shape of the steering wheel and, as described on the company website, is simple and elegant and consists of an outer circle, which represents the world that Toyota embraces, and all the letters that make up the name. So, each logo tells a story, I find it  very interesting. Logos represent the identity card of a company and their creation needs  lots of creativity; each logo is different from the others and as  years go by they change and become more and more suitable to the context.

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