The covid 19 pandemic has had  many negative  but alsosome  positive consequences in the lives of all of us. So let’s find out what effects it has had in the normal daily life of a parent of a student.

How are your daughters living the situation of the pandemic?

“ Well, they have social media:  if I had had to face this situation when I was your age without technology, I don’t know what I wouldn’t have done, because the fact of not having contact with friends due to the lockdown is very heavy to bear”.

How has your family life been affected, and in particular how are you living this situation as a parent?

“The lockdown has been a positive thing for me and my wife, because it gave us the possibility of staying more time with our daughters and of finding a fun way to socialize among us. Now it is a bit difficult to manage work with the restart of school, but in general family life has been positively affected

How has your job changed due to the pandemic?

“I work in an engineering office and I am in charge of 18 engineers. Unfortunately, when the lockdown occurred, we had to leave the office and move to smart working. Initially it was difficult to manage the situation, but even today I spend most of my day in a meeting, even though I am in the pipeline. So my working life has  really changed”.

What do you think of vaccinations, do you think they are necessary in order to overcome the situation?

“I am convinced that vaccinations are the only method to overcome this pandemic, I hope that vaccines will be available for everyone as soon as possible, especially for the most fragile subjects such as the elderly, because they are the real problem. If we start to protect them, we can also think about vaccinating the younger, but I think it is the only solution to get out of this chaos”.

What do you think of the gradual reopening including that of the school at 100%?

“I am very worried; this could cause a spread of the virus because most  schools do not have many open spaces for pupils to stay. However I think it is very important to go back to school and close the school year in the best way possible also because, even if students don’t notice it now, they are suffering the greatest damage by having lost a year of intense school, although with distance learning everything was compensated in some way”.

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Alessio Barreca, Matteo Digangi, Andrea Guarino, Stefano La Fauci.




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