Covid-19 has changed our way to see things and also our lives, in particular school and all the things that belong to it. Everyone, students, teachers, administrators have to find new ways to live school life that they have never experienced before.       

We decided to interview the principal of our school, Ms T. Celesti, asking her what she thought about this period of pandemic, how she is living it as a principal, and what she thinks about the school in the future.

She replied by telling us that in the beginning it was very complicated, because nobody knew what was really happening but she, together with her collaborators and the teaching staff, tried to do everything to guarantee the students the best way to attend the lessons, and she was proud of how they handled the situation. 

She perceives an atmosphere of tiredness especially among the students who had to go through a lot of troubles.  In her view, in the post covid period the school will be digitised as much as possible and will try to use a different educational organization. What is needed is a school that can stimulate the curiosity of the students as much as possible and make them  propose initiatives or activities themselves to make the school a happy place. 

In the end, we asked her if we would be able to find a balance and if we learned something good from this pandemic period. The principal answered that it will be difficult to find a balance because people are angry and sad. However a positive side of this pandemic is that we have had time to reflect on who we really are and have learned to give value to the little things of life. 

Finally, she said that we must live our life fully and enjoy school as much as possible because our youth will never return.

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Gioele D’Angelo, Samuele Salerno, Matteo Liberti, Simone Gaeta, Marco Gibilisco


I.I.S. “L.Einaudi”, Siracusa


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