What is the teachers’ opinion?

Covid-19 has changed our way to see things and also our lives. Every aspect of society has been affected by it, in particular school and all the things that belong to it such as studying but also teaching. Students and teachers have to find new ways to live school life that they have never experienced before.                                                    

We have decided to interview a teacher of our school and to ask her some questions about how she faced this problematic situation and we are now ready to let you read the whole conversation. 

How did the relationship between teachers and students change during the pandemic?                                                                                                                                        

“First of all we didn’t have the possibility to stay with our students as we used to, which was the biggest difficulty because school is mostly based on this direct relationship. Last year was particularly hard because of the lockdown and also because it was something new and nobody was actually ready for it.                                 

Has this situation affected teachers from the psychological point of view?                                                         

“Of course, after all we still are human beings and staying away from our students and our school  has been the worst thing that could happen to us, but despite all these difficulties every teacher has found  a new way to teach and entertain the students during the lockdown”                                                                                                                                    

In your opinion, has online school influenced students’ productivity?

“Absolutely; it has influenced the teaching quality and the learning process. I noticed that students were more frustrated and unmotivated, this year more than the last one, because nobody expected this situation to last this long.”                               

How does it feel to see that your students aren’t interested in your lesson and get distracted during the online school?                                                                                             

“It’s just the same feeling that you have when you are in class. I ask myself how to make the lesson more enjoyable so they can participate actively and then I try to understand why they get distracted.”                                                                                  

What can we learn from this experience with Covid 19?                                                                              

“As every experience in the course of life, even if it is a bad one, we can find a lesson and in this case the importance of being together and enjoying all the things that we used to consider normal.”

Sara Battiato, Paolo Marte, Giorgia Rafalà, Sara Santangelo, I.I.S. “Luigi Einaudi”, Siracusa

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Sara Battiato, Giorgia Rafalà, Sara Santangelo, Paolo Marte




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