Living with canaries

Are canaries good pets? A canary is the first pet bird many people own, and many of these owners become lifelong canary fans. Canary is a very pleasant companion bird with its melodious song that is much softer and more pleasant than that of other birds. Canaries enjoy the visual company of people but they don’t like being handled, although some keepers, like me, have trained them to sit on a finger. It takes a lot of patience but these birds are very intelligent and once they’ve been tamed they are good friends.

I have two canaries. Their names are Lana and Pii. I have trained them a little and now they can sometimes fly free in my house. Now I’d like to give you some advices to tame your canary.

First of all, If you want to let it fly out of the cage, remember to close doors and windows. Then sit near the cage, talk to the bird quietly and whistle so it can get familiar with your voice. Put your hand in the cage with a little piece of carrot, tomato, apple, melon or other fruit. Hold the food lightly between your fingers so your canary can easily pick it up. Do the same everyday.

Once your canary starts to feel safe you can take it out of the cage but be careful not to hurt it. If you have tall furniture use a long stick so that the canary can land after it flies and you can easily catch it, but remember not to hurt it.

Let your bird return to the cage by itself.  Avoid chasing your canary or shooing it back into the cage, as this can scare it. You can put some vegetables in the cage so to encourage your pet to go back into it.

If you decide that a Canary is the right bird for you, remember these birds are very fragile and easily frightened but they are also great companions.

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