Is it possible to live after death? It’s extremely difficult to answer to this question and interpretations can be different. Let’s start saying that death occurs when our heart stops beating, but there are situations in which there is the brain death while heart continues beating and people are so legally declared dead. This means that only after a person is declared dead, the cells inside the body, including the brain, begin their own death preocess. They have 10 or more 10 minutes before brain cells die.What does this mean? This means that there are people who have the so called “death experience”. They have a clear perception of what happens around them; they can review their life from birth until death. Their perspective is focused on their humanity towards the other people. So they realize if their actions were good or bad or if they had bad consequences towards the others. For some people, the individual’s identity continues to live after death and according to “reincarnation” an individual may reborn into this world and live his/her life again. For Christian religion there is a specific plane of existence after death, determined by God and based on people’s actions and beliefs during life. In the ancient Egyptian religion the body died, while its soul would go to the Kingdom of dead. Being mummified was for them the only way to have an after life. Greek and Roman religions believe in the existence of an underground place where souls live after death while the Orthodox Christianity is reticent on the after life.They simply assure that the final judgment is simply one’s uniform encounter with divine love and mercy. A lot of theories exist as regarding life after death, but it’s impossibile to prove them. I don’t know if something exists after life, or if it is possible to live life again. My religion surely suggests me that something exists after life, but nobody can prove it. I want believe that something exists, because only in this way we can say that our life has a sense. I suggest everyone to live intesely each single moment of our life.

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Sofia Gamiddo


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