Today 25th April 2021 we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Italian liberation, a very important anniversary for the history of Italy because it marks a period of peace after the end of the Second World War, which began in 1943, when Nazi Germany opposed Poland. 

This festival is also recognized as the anniversary of the Resistance of many men, women, workers, peasants, and volunteers who risked their lives to defeat Nazifascism. Although the German and Fascist occupation did not end in 1945, the date 25th April was chosen because on that day part of the Nazi and Fascist soldiers withdrew from Turin and Milan despite the war continued for a while.

The action of the Resistance was coordinated by the National Liberation Committees, the first of which arose in Rome on 9 September 1943 while the King and Badoglio fled. In the CLN were represented the parties that arose and reconstituted during 1943.

The partisan formations were distinguished by their political orientation: there were the Garibaldi (communist) brigades, the Matteotti (socialist), and Justice and Freedom (of the active party). In June 1944 the CLN Alta Italia (Comitato di Liberazione Nazionale Alta Italia) was formed. Thanks to the activities of these groups, to which the direct participation of the civilian population was added, many areas were liberated by the partisans before the arrival of the Allies. 

The government led by Alcide de Gasperi determined that every year 25 April would be a national holiday. 

If there is a nice day, during this day most of the Sicilians celebrate it going to the beach or to the countryside with friends and family to have picnics and relax in the open air. But unfortunately, this Pandemic has changed many habits… and we are forced to stay at home with our closest family.

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