Until the 1960s there weren’t any terms to define non-heterosexuality, for this reason, different sexual orientations were defined as a “third sex”. Later, words such as “homosexual” or “gay” were introduced. 

Over the time, the term “Lesbian” started to appear indicating a love relationship between two women. Other words, such as “bisexual” and “transsexual”, were used by society. The first one served to designate the attraction towards a person of the same sex and the opposite one, while the second one to indicate people who have changed or think to change their sex undergoing a specific surgery. 

Nowadays, a ton of new terms are introduced in our daily slang to define people who are not strictly heterosexual and want to show their difference in sexuality. “Queer”, for instance, are those who don’t have the need to identify with a gender; “intersexual”, instead, are those people who from birth have both male and female characteristics like the ovaries in a man and, finally, “asexual” are people who don’t feel any sexual attraction to others at all. 

Therefore, the introduction of these terms from part of the Community LGBTQIA+ mirrored the need to fight for human rights, for freedom of expression and for the overcoming of gender labels that the activists of the LGBTQIA+ Community have been carrying on since 1969. 

A lot of manifestations also spread in Italy. They took the name of GAY PRIDE but now it is common to say only “PRIDE” to stand up for the right of freedom and of being recognized and not punished for your own sexual orientation. On these occasions, in the cities involved there are parades where people dress with colours of the LGBTQIA+ flags holding one or more big flags marching around the city to claim rights not yet acquired: the homosexual marriage, the social acceptance and self-acceptance of gay and lesbian people, the possibility to leave in peace without any sort of discrimination. 

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Maria Gabriella Sottile


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