It was a normal day at the park… when I encounter Mozart so I ask him some questions…

Me: Hi Wolfgang Amadeus, nice to meet you!

Mozart: Nice to meet you too!

me: Can I ask you some questions?

Mozart: Sure!

Me: ok, let’s start with the questions…

Me: Mozart, who inspired you to compose music?

Mozart: Who inspired me to compose music is John Cristian Bach. when I was 8 years old, I wrote my first symphony.

Me: At what age did you perform your first concert?

Mozart: My first concert was when I was 8 years old, in Salzburg on 17 January 1756.

Me: How were you at school, did you get good or bad marks?

Mozart: I never went to school, my father tutored me in many languages like German, French, Spanish, Italian and so on.

Me: Thanks Wolfgang for answering to my questions, hope you have a good day!

Mozart: Have a good day too!

Me: Last thing before you go, Can I take a picture of you?

Mozart: Certainly!

Me: May I post your picture on my article?

Mozart: Yes, sure!

Me: Many thanks!

Mozart: No problem, see you soon… bye!

Me: Bye!

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