Pollution, a typical problem of the most industrialized countries, involves the whole planet nowadays. There are different forms of pollution, which modify the balance of natural ecosystems and cause serious risks to human health in the environments lived by them.

Most of the entire historical and artistic heritage of the world is preserved in Italy.

In recent decades, the historical and artistic heritage has generally deteriorated more than has been observed in the past. The main causes of deterioration are due to frost, salt crystallization, microclimate and thermal changes.

The pollutants, that are frequently found on cultural heritage that mainly cause corrosion and blackening, are the atmospheric particulates, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone. Therefore the knowledge of the influence of air pollutants on the processes of deterioration of the alteration of the art’s works is an important part for their protection and for the choice of the appropriate materials to be used for the construction of new structures. Air pollution can do a lot of damage. People age earlier, lungs and heart are exposed to different risks, allergic reactions can occur. The hand of man towards the environment has not always been benevolent; this is demonstrated by the waste from the petrochemical industry, the indiscriminate use of pesticides in agriculture, and smog!

It is absolutely necessary to monitor the quality of the air we breathe, to intervene before the damage becomes irreversible. Of course, we too must do our part, we can use small daily measures that help to preserve our dear planet in some way.

Let’s use public transport more often

Let’s buy class A household appliances

Let’s use only energy-saving light bulbs

Let’s sort  waste correctly

Let’s start, at least!!!

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