Let’s protect the animals!!!


Humans have a “disproportionate effect” on the animals that share the Earth’s surface with us, causing more than 25% of deaths among a range of species around theworld.

The major causes that lead the animal species to death are mainly:
 Road accidents, it is a silent massacre that is consumed on Italianroads. Day or night, it doesn’t make much difference. The numbers are a real war bulletin: in three months of detection, eighty hedgehogs, one
hundred and twenty foxes, thirty-five martens and twenty badgers died.

 Climatic conditions, alpine species with rising temperatures due to climate change has dropped from 50% in the 80s to 25% today. These and other data are contained in the dossier “Biodiversity and climate
change”, elaborated by WWF in view of COP21 in Paris, to which the association asks to bring home a new effective and fair global climate agreement.

 Pollution, the designated victims of our waste are mainly fish and seabirds, but also whales and turtles, all prey to the tons of plastic waste dumped into ocean waters. And the phenomenon unfortunately will not resolve itself, indeed the problem is destined to worsen. The presence of companion animals contributes to the general well-being of people and even the development of social skills in children; with animals, therapies are carried out that prove to be able to integrate the benefits of traditional therapies. We think that all together we can help animals lead a better life, treating them like our friends and not neglecting them.

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Mariarita De Salvo, Giulia Gemelli


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