Let’s help others

On The 25th National Day of food collection, that was on the 27th of November, the 3rd class section B of our school “Quintino Cataudella” participated actively through voluntary work.

This is a day, promoted by the Food Bank, when people donate food with the collaboration of  the staff  working in  supermarkets.

It has become an occasion during which everyone can be completely involved and interested in the problem of food poverty, that requests a concrete sharing act: give a meal to people who need it.

We gave a contribution thanks to the help of our teacher of civics .  We printed some flyers and we prepared a collection point in the hall of the school, where students and teachers could leave what they wanted  to donate. In the afternoon our experience went on in the supermarkets, to  support the volunteers.

On one single day we collected 48 packages and in our city were totally  collected 1.324 kg of food, that means that if everyone cooperates we will be able to do very much!

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Arrabito Ilaria, Galanti Maria Teresa, Giannone Salvatore


3 B Liceo Scientifico ” Q. Cataudella”