Chinese food is different from Italian because there is the idea of sharing food.

Indeed, food is served already cut with sauces, in plates, there isn’t the use of cutlery, but chopsticks.

In China, children learn to use it since they were kids. There are two ways to say food: Fan, means literacy rice, that also indicate food in general. The other way to say food is “Cai” but it is read “Zai”, and literacy it means seasoning.

Another important China aspect is that in China there isn’t the first plate, the second, and dessert, but it is served only one time. China food is varied because there are 56 different ethnics. There are 8 different chickens but the most important are Hunan and “Sichuan”. The first is spicier than the second because the second one is more simple and light. 

In China language when you say “Chì-fan le ma” means How are you? but also “Do you eat?”. In China, the rice is the principal plate and there are different recipes, for example: “Mifan”, “Chefan”, “Zhou”.

The most important plates are: “Miantiao” that are spaghetti with vegetables, “Jaozii” that are ravioli, “Baozii” that are ravioli with vegetables and tofu, and others. The “Dongo Pou” is a plate invented by a poet and it is composed by meat.

There is also summer food such as rice balls that are eaten during the lantern festival and on New year’s day, it is eaten on a plate with elongated ravioli.

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