THE WENDIGO: A FIRST-HAND ZOMBIE_ legends from Native Americans

Are you ever wondered who has been the first zombie? Dear guys, the first for sure wasn’t Frankenstein but the Wendigo! 
But be careful weak stomach, this story could isn’t for you…The Wendigo is a demoniac spirit originally from the legends of Native American, that took possession of human bodies and he fed them with cannibalinstincts, further inducing them into highly violent psychotic states … well, certainly the disreputable boy your parents tell you to avoid. 
It is said that the first Wendigo was a previous human, precisely a warrior, who in order to win the war and protect his tribe made a pact with the Devil by giving him his soul in exchange for a superhuman strength, with which he actually won the war, but also he was now a Wendigo and for this he was thrown out of the tribe; 
In fact, not only he had a very unpleasent smell, ma he also had become cannibal and with very ugly: he was four and half mt. Tall and he had dog’steeth, a long tongue (trust ma, it was very very long) and he didn’t have lips. Itis also said that his hunger never satiated and that it was very, very difficult to escape him, and that it was even rarer to be able to kill him; in that remote case he would have to hit his heartwith bullets, a blade, or a silver stake, thenshatter its into small pieces and finally lock it in a silver box and bury it in a cemetery. Whatremains of his body should then have beendismembered with a silver axe; salty, burnedand then dispersed in the wind; only one pass skipped though and the wendigo could haveresurrected.

Good! This story it’s ended and you are learned that the ‘’first zombie’’ was the Wendigo! 

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Rachele Pontanari in collaboration with Marta Mazzantini


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